How much do custom cycling shoes cost?

The cost of any job depends on the design you have chosen for your custom cycling shoes. The brand and condition of your shoes are also taken in consideration. Prices will vary depending on the time the design will take and also how many colours are used. I will do my utmost to provide a competitive quote for your custom cycling shoes.


How long will my custom job take?

This depends on the custom design you have chosen and also the brand and condition of your cycling shoes. I will do my best to meet any required deadline, however, there are many variables that can affect this. I will never compromise on the quality of my work. Consequently, I will not release shoes until I am 100% satisfied that they have been completed to the highest standard.


How do I pay?

I take an initial non-refundable £30 deposit when you book your shoes in for their custom job. The remaining balance is payable on completion of your custom cycling shoes. All payments can be made via Paypal to


Do you ship worldwide?

In short, yes! Although I am based in the United Kingdom, I have customised shoes for clients around the globe. If you are sending shoes to me from outside the UK, please read these important documentation guidelines.


How do I send you my shoes?

Please ensure your cycling shoes are packed securely and labelled correctly before they are posted. You can send them in any packaging you choose, however, unless requested otherwise, all shoes will be returned in one of my custom shoe boxes which meet postage weight and size restrictions.

If you are sending shoes from outside the United Kingdom (UK) please ensure you have completed the Customs Declaration form (CN22) form correctly. Failure to do so, may result in import duty being charged. Please read these important postage instructions before sending your shoes.

For obvious reasons of hygiene, please ensure your shoes are clean and free from mud when they are sent in.


When should I send you my shoes?

You can send me your shoes at anytime between paying your deposit and the week prior to your booking. Please be aware that if you fail to send me your shoes in time for your booked-in date, you will be moved to my next available booking slot. This will NOT be the following week and could be up to 6 months later depending on my availability.


How will you paint my shoe?

I use a combination of airbrush and traditional paint brushes to custom all my cycling shoes. The method of customisation depends on the work I am undertaking. I use stencils and an airbrush on the majority of my work, which gives the designs a clean and crisp finish and greatly reduces the appearance of brush marks. All my customs are painted using industry-leading brands such as Angelus and Jacquard. Take a look at the shoe gallery to see examples of my work.


How long will the paintwork last on my shoes?

Cared for correctly, the artwork on your custom cycling shoes should last a very long time. As long as you keep your shoes clean and look after them, you should not expect to see any cracking of the paint. They can be worn in wet conditions. However, just like factory-painted shoes, crashes or scrapes always have the potential to leave marks or scuffs on the shoes and can cause damage to the artwork.


What colour cycling shoes should I send you for my custom job?

I strongly recommend sending shoes that are the same colour as that found on the majority of the design. Black or white shoes are most suitable for the majority of my custom work but it depends on the design. For full colour changes of used shoes, white is better for lighter colours and black for dark colours. This is only the preference – other colours are also perfectly suitable to use. Be aware, however, that should you damage shoes with a different base colour, this may show through the affected area. Some shoe finishes are also more suited to custom work than other. Please feel free to contact me for further information and advice.


Do the shoes I send you have to be new or can you work on used shoes?

It is always preferable to work on new shoes, however, you can also send me shoes that have been worn. If your shoes have been used, please ensure they are clean and have no damage other than cosmetic scuffs or scrapes. I cannot work on shoes with damage beyond this. If in any doubt, please contact me.


Can I wear my shoes in the rain?

Of course you can! Your newly-customised cycling shoes are ready to wear in all conditions and weather. I use industry-leading materials in all my custom work and complete a full and comprehensive preparation of every shoe before I start applying any paint. Once the custom work is finished, your shoes will receive a further protective coating that will provide a durable and hard-wearing finish.


How should I clean my shoes?

I recommend using warm, soapy water and a white microfibre cloth to clean your shoe. Specific cleaning solutions such as Angelus Foam Tex Cleaner or Blue Foam Cleaner can also be used in combination with a sponge or cloth. Avoid using a brush on your shoes as this could eventually lead to damage.


Do you have a returns policy?

Due to the unique and highly-personalised nature of custom cycling shoe design, it is not possible to accept general returns. However, I do provide a 12 month warranty should your paintwork develop imperfections following use. This covers you should the paintwork on your shoes show signs of flaking or cracking within 1 year of purchase and which is shown to be caused by issues within the initial application process. Please contact me in this situation and arrangements can be made to return your shoes for repair. Unfortunately, this is not applicable to any damage caused to the shoes by accidents, scrapes or scuffs.


Where are you based?

I am based on the Wirral Peninsula in the North-West of England.